8 reasons I love flower essences

This may come as no surprise to you, but I seriously love flower essence medicine. I’m not sure when this love affair began, though I do have fond memories of my time as a young girl digging for quartz crystals and making flower potions in the back yard.

I get the sense that I came into this world destined to work with this particular medicine. It was not something I feel I had to learn for the first time, more something that was already within that I uncovered as I began to play with life.

Despite the fun I had as a child, my relationship with the flower essences didn’t really begin until I completed my second Australian Bush Flower Essence training a few years ago. I’d dabbled with the medicine before with good results, however things really up-leveled once I decided to invest in becoming a practitioner.

Over the past three years I’ve been working with the flower essences extensively, sharing the medicine with friends, family and clients as well as working with them personally. During this time I have witnessed their gifts transform the lives of those I love as well as my own.

What began as an intellectual understanding of their healing capacity has slowly developed through the wisdom of experience. Allowing my work with the flower essences to become a deeply intuitive and holistic process of remedy selection and blending.

They are an incredibly potent and versatile modality, one that is just beginning to emerge more fully into the awareness of the greater collective consciousness.

With that I’d love to share with you some of the main reasons I feel so strongly about them.

But first, a little recap on what flower essences actually are…

To put it simply, flower essences are a form of energetic plant medicine that supports mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. They work by gently stimulating a healthy flow of life force energy, helping to shift and release blocks and imbalances within the soul and energy field. Each flower essence holds the frequency of a unique healing gift. .

You can read more about them here.

The beauty and simplicity of flower essences are often overlooked for much stronger alternatives such as essential oils and herbal medicine. However when it comes to creating lasting changes on the deepest level (we’re talking that soul level deep), I truly believe you can’t go past a flower essence remedy.

So let’s get stuck into the 8 reasons I love flower essences.

1. They are gentle yet powerful healers

An important quality of flower essences is their special ability to heal in profound yet gentle ways. Gentle modalities such as this play an incredibly important role in healing, especially in the area of trauma recovery. Their ability to connect with and support people who have experienced trauma provides immense comfort and a safe and secure foundation for healing.

2. They create lasting change

If you’re after a quick fix, flower essences ain’t for you my friend. This medicine is subtle and works over many weeks to create powerful changes in the being and energy field. They may be gentle but when taken consistently over time the results and personal changes are evident and lasting.

3. They are one of the most sustainable forms of plant medicine

As flower essences are a form of energetic medicine, a negligible amount of plant matter is used to create each remedy bottle. Flowers are harvested in small quantities with care and respect for the plant, each step is a process of sacred intention to preserve the essence of the flower. Very few flowers are needed to create a mother tincture, which is distributed and diluted into individual stock bottles. Practitioners use these stock bottles to create personalised remedies, diluting further in the process. A little plant goes a long way!

4. They remind me that healing is magical

I’ve always felt drawn to the magical nature of natural medicine. The fact that kitchen herbs or even common weeds have the power to cure our ailments is so incredibly miraculous to me. Flower essences are a beautiful reflection of just how magical healing can be. The vibrational signature of a flower can eradicate personal blocks and create a new state of being, that’s some next level plant magic right there!

5. They treat the underlying cause, not the symptom

The Western healing mindset is obsessed with treating symptoms, yet can often overlook the underlying cause of disease. As a culture we have forgotten how to read the language of the body, and as a result we are blind to the deeper energetic imbalances our symptoms represent. Flower essence medicine works directly with the mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that, when left unresolved, can lead to greater states of dis-ease and physical symptoms.

6. They are universally safe to use

Flower essences are a universal medicine. Anyone can use them safely without risk of harm. They are suitable for all ages, children to elderly, regardless of medical conditions and have even been successfully used in treating animals.

7. They empower us to take responsibility for our healing

As I often share with my clients, the potency of your healing experience is only as powerful as the commitment you make to your healing. This is especially true with flower essence therapy. Imagine that the medicine of flowers is like a strong wind, blowing you in the direction of healing. If you’re standing stationary you’ll still be pushed forward a little in the right direction, however it will be nowhere near as far as you’d like to go. If you actively walk with the wind (i.e. engage in your own healing) you’ll move far more swiftly and easily towards your healing desires. The medicine can only take you so far without you taking responsibility for your own healing. This is precisely why I love them, they allow me to remember the most powerful healer is the one found within.

8. They encourage self-awareness

As flower essences work on a subtle level, their effects can easily be overlooked without a certain degree of self-reflection and awareness. They require you to pay attention to the transformation of your inner world rather than seeking validation of your healing through your outer world. Very rarely are effects of the medicine felt in the moment, yet upon later reflection the start and end points of each journey taken with a remedy can be vastly different states of being.

So there you have it, the 8 reasons I love flower essences.

I’m sure the above list gave you a pretty good understanding of why I think they’re so amazing. If you’d love to have your own experience with the flower essences, you can find out more about them here.

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