Botanical Soul is an online sanctuary dedicated to weaving soul and energy medicine with the wisdom and gifts of the Earth.
Sacred offerings to inspire and empower you to heal naturally while awakening transformation from within.



Welcome beautiful, I’m so grateful you’re here!

I’m Jess, a Life Coach, Flower Essence Practitioner and Herbalist in training.

Ultimately though, I am a medicine woman and space holder.

I guide and support soulful women to heal naturally, activate their highest potential, and expand their capacity to feel radiantly alive.

You see, I believe that each and every one of us is born with the potential to feel radiantly alive.

Blossoming in expansiveness, brimming with energy, and joyfully connected to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

I actually believe this is our most natural state of existence, and that it is only through the trials and tests of life that we begin to feel differently.

When we experience prolonged suffering, discomfort or disease, we can often forget who we are, why we’re here, and what it truly means to feel alive.

I’m here to remind you of your essential nature, show you that healing doesn’t have to be hard, and help you reawaken this state of possibility within yourself.

My offerings are a reflection of my passion for natural healing, energy balancing, and soul medicine. A unique combination of skills and wisdom that includes; coaching, intuitive guidance, ritual and energy work, embodiment practices, and plant-based remedies.


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My journey so far…

Like so many before me, the journey of my healing emerged from the depths of my pain.

In 2013 I experienced what is often referred to as a “dark night of the soul”. A period of deep sadness, pain, and hopelessness that left me feeling trapped with no way out.

During this darkness I became an obsessive seeker, searching for anything to help me manage the internal chaos and intense emotions I was feeling. It was undoubtedly divine guidance that led me to discover coaching for the first time, a moment that would go on to impact and transform my life in the most profound way.

Working with my first coach was an incredibly powerful experience. It activated my spiritual awakening, allowing me to experience life consciously for the first time. It also uncovered a deep desire to help others, which led me to train and become a coach myself.

After a spontaneous spiritual pilgrimage to Peru, including my introduction to shamanism and plant spirit medicine, I returned to Australia feeling disillusioned with my coaching course. In my heart I knew this course was not for me. I forfeited my deposit and instead enrolled in a course with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and began coaching women soon after.

While I was experiencing a deep sense of fulfilment through my work, I was still wading through the messy aftermath of a failed relationship. As I attempted to figure out who I was outside of this relationship, I started exploring my passion for natural medicine and healing. I experienced flower essence therapy for the first time, explored energy and soul medicine, and took up regular 5Rhythms dance classes.

Despite the positive influences, this was a turbulent time for me; I still felt powerless to my feelings and stuck in my circumstances.

In January 2017 my world imploded with a trifecta of heartache and loss. In the space of a few weeks I experienced the finality of breaking up with a soul mate, a terminated pregnancy, and the suicide of a friend.

The shock of this heartache was traumatic; it left me feeling utterly broken. Unable to process the unimaginable pain, my unconscious survival mechanisms kicked in and my ability to feel anything shut down. I spiraled into a deep depression, retreating within and losing the capacity to experience meaningful connection with the outside world.

Attempting to start over, I moved south to spend time with my family in Tasmania. In my final weeks before moving, I attended my second Australian Bush Flower Essence training. This was an incredibly reassuring experience as I felt deeply connected to the medicine. Promptly ordering a practitioner stock kit, I began working extensively with the flower essences.

The flower essences became my most trusted companions, providing the support and healing I needed. They gently carried me through the darkness, providing comfort in a way no human presence was able to.

As I became more experienced and confident working with the essences, I started creating personalised remedies for family, friends, and then eventually clients.

Delighted in my newfound love of plants, I embarked on further studies in herbal medicine. I explored the relationship between plants and people, the energetics of healing, and the interconnectedness of life. I began to understand the deeper relationships involved in healing holistically across all levels, mind, body, heart, and soul.

My devotion to self and passion for natural healing has continued to grow in recent years. I’ve explored and healed intimate relationships, improved my physical health and energy, healed depression, anxiety and overwhelm, opened my heart to receive love, reawakened pleasure and feeling in my body, and learnt to trust again.

However beyond all that, I’ve come to recognise that healing is always possible and that your past doesn’t need to determine your future.

Moving into this next phase of my life, I bring forward the wisdom of my past with the gifts I’ve been blessed with along the way. I now see the importance of such a diverse experience, a journey of polarity that has allowed me to master and embody the medicine I am here to share.

Botanical Soul is my gift to you.

May your journey be blessed with deep healing, and may the medicine you seek set you free.



Kind words from my clients

"I was feeling unmotivated, disconnected and unsure about my future when Jess and I first met. She provided me with a very soothing, safe place where I could share my thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. I found it really special having someone to open up to. Jess is a great listener and incredibly insightful. I love having her as a coach!"

Jessica Ryles

"During our sessions Jess asked powerful questions that made me reflect on myself. We worked a lot around trust; when we first met I didn’t even trust myself to make decisions. I’m now more trusting of my feelings and feel more confident in myself, and life in general. Jess is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend her. I will definitely work with her again in the future."

Monica Chiang

“Thank you so much Jess! The essences opened up the doorway to a whole new period of growth and exploration for me… the shifts were subtle at first, but looking back I can see they were the catalyst for all of the massive growth that has occurred for me in the last few weeks since we spoke. Subtle shifts over time = massive results!!”

Jae Schaefer

"During my time with Jess, so much healed and shifted. Through her guidance she brought to the light the things that I knew about myself but couldn't quite see on my own. It was an eye-opening experience, weaved with so much grace and ease. Since our coaching I’ve felt more centered and have further connected to my own healing power, bringing this renewed energy into my life and business."

Val Casalderrey

"Before working with Jess, I was feeling lost and lacking direction. After our time together, I felt more confident, clear and excited about my future. Through her supportive and encouraging coaching style, Jess was able to get to the heart of the issue and give me practical, actionable steps to take between sessions to get me closer to my goals. I would not hesitate to work with Jess again or to recommend her to anyone!”

Michelle Puccio

“The whole experience, including the session with Jess and month of taking the remedy, was so supportive, nourishing and healing. I came seeking support for anxiety, emotionality and self-care, and experienced all of this and so much more with the remedy Jess provided. The flower essences helped me to become so much kinder and loving toward myself, to reduce anxiety, and feel safer in my body. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift!”

Alana Campbell

"Jess was amazing and I instantly felt supported and safe speaking from a place of truth. Through this openness and Jess’ guidance, I was continuously blown away by what naturally came up and the resulting shifts. I felt completely empowered by the amazing goals and actions that manifested in the space of our sessions. Each time feeling excited and ready to show up for myself in a new way."

Candice Cameron

"Jess' coaching is soulful, holistic and healing, and above all for me it was such a deeply down-to-earth experience that left me feeling full of confidence and free in so many ways."

Kris Franken

"I loved Jess’ gentle energy and the way she so brilliantly got to the core of the issue without me even realising. I felt I walked away knowing myself better AND with some practical tools and ideas to practice. I felt empowered, energised and excited after our session."

Hannah Ivanovskis

“Jess has such a beautiful, caring, compassionate heart and it really comes across in her consultations. Even with such compassion, she communicates truthfully and clearly as well. She has softness in her strength and strength in her softness. She opened my eyes to some big areas in my life I needed to re-evaluate and the intention she put into the medicine resulted in all the right ways. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Lauren Cuthbert

“When Jess and I first connected I was feeling extremely lost, defeated, and disconnected. I had been through a challenging, dark 12-months that had left me feeling confused about who I was and what I wanted out of life. After our first session together I felt this deep sense of calm. I had spent so long in a state of tension and anxiety. For the first time in a long time, I felt sure that I was on the right path."

Amy Wittleton


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Professional Bio

Jess is a Life Coach, Flower Essence Practitioner, medicine woman and space holder. She guides sensitive, soulful women through a journey of personal reclamation, helping them to awaken their innate radiance and become the woman they were born to be.

Deeply inspired by the natural world, Jess weaves together a unique blend of offerings reflecting her background in women’s empowerment coaching, soul and energy medicine, and plant-based healing.

She aims to inspire and empower her community to heal naturally while awakening transformation from within.