Become a Life Coach


Do you dream of guiding and supporting others to make meaningful change and awaken their full potential?


If you feel the call to become a Life Coach, I would love to share my coaching journey and a special gift with you.


Over the course of my life I’ve paid close attention to the significant people, events, and experiences that have profoundly influenced my life and shaped the woman I am today.

Training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was undoubtedly one of those experiences, deeply transformational and life changing in so many way.

I never dreamt of becoming a life coach, in fact for most of my life I didn’t even know what coaching was. Yet despite that I have always felt a call to be of service and experienced deep satisfaction in helping others (maybe you can relate?).

Stumbling across the coaching industry was a complete revelation for me, it opened my mind up to a world of new possibilities. For the first time I realised I could create a business doing something I truly loved; listening to others while supporting them to create meaningful change in their lives.

When I first found Beautiful You, I was simultaneously excited and disappointed.  A few months earlier I had commited to training through another well known coaching school. Even though there were aspects of my training I enjoyed, on a whole the course and school just didn’t feel like a good fit for me. Corporate and executive coaching are definitely not my jam!

Despite having made a large deposit for the course, I felt a strong pull towards Beautiful You. In my heart I knew Beautiful You was the school for me, yet felt trapped in the other course due to my finanical commitment.

A few months later I embarked on a month long spiritual pilgrimage in Peru. Upon returning my whole life view had shifted and the commitment of money felt less important than finding the right training for me. I decided to forfeit the rest of my deposit and with a happy heart promptly enrolled in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.

My experience training with Beautiful You opened the doorway into a whole new way of life.

It provided me with the knowledge and skills to step confidently into my work as a coach. The foundation for which has allowed me to branch into other forms of space holding such as women’s circle facilitation, teaching classes and workshops, soul and energy medicine mentorship, and natural healing consultations.


Beautiful You founder Julie Parker
Graduation day with my beautiful new friends

Why I love Beautiful You so much

It’s hard to narrow it down, but here are the main reasons I love the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course, Academy and community so much.

Heart-centred approach

While traditional coaching tends to focus on helping clients achieve ‘what they desire’, Beautiful You coaches go one step further to help their clients determine the ‘why behind the what’. Moving away from action-based goal setting is not only liberating for clients but it also allows them to access deeper levels of understanding regarding their motivations and desires. Feeling-based goals allow space to grow and change, encouraging clients to take action aligned with their desired feelings.

Incredible global community

Upon joining Beautiful You you’re welcomed into the most incredible community of trainees and coaches from all over the world. Despite the continued global growth, this community hasn’t lost it’s intimate feel. Beautiful You alumni continue to remain engaged with the community and everyone is so supportive, ready to cheer you on, and offer guidance at any give time.

Life-long friendships

While it’s not uncommon to make like-minded friends during a course, the depth of friendship I feel with many of the women I’ve met through Beautiful You has been completely unexpected. These women has gone on to become my soul sisters, co-creators and life-long friends.

Practical training

The course is an inspiring yet practical blend of personal development, coaching skills and business training. The content is thorough and the online delivery of the course makes it super flexible and easy to complete training around work commitments. You’re also assigned a coaching buddy to work with, which allows to you to practice and hone your skills as a coach in a safe and pressure free environment.

Individuality is encouraged

Your uniqueness and individual gifts are celebrated by Beautiful You. While they provide a tried and tested framework to follow, once you feel confident in your abilities as a coach you are encouraged to take what you’ve learnt and make it your own. This approach allows you to create a niche business that connects with your ideal clients and is a true reflection of your wonderfully unique self.

100% aligned with integrity

All my experiences with Beautiful You have been incredibly authentic and full of integrity. The trainers are helpful, the team genuine, and the course delivers an outstanding training experience. This was apparent from my first call with founder Julie Parker, who didn’t attempt to sell me the course but encouraged me to follow my heart and only sign up if it felt right. Needless to say, I was all in!

With senior trainer Jo at the Bali Inspiration Day
Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy Inspiration Day Bali
Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Bali 2016

Since graduating from Beautiful You, I have:

  • Launched my coaching offerings and created a heart-centred business that allows me to work from anywhere
  • Coached incredible women from all over the world, many who have gone on to become coaches or space holders themselves
  • Wrote my first ebook “The Spirit Sister Companion” in 2015
  • Featured in the “My First Year as a Coach” ebook published by Beautiful You in 2016
  • Was a guest speaker at the 2016 Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Bali
  • Received multiple opportunities to feature on podcasts, blogs, summits, and other online platforms
  • Stepped into my power as a sacred space holder, facilitating multiple women’s circles and teaching workshops
  • Taken my skills and experience in coaching and allowed it to guide me into new pathways of working with people, such as flower essence therapy and plant medicine healing


Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Bali 2016
Speaking at the Bali Inspiration Day in 2016

My affiliate gift for you

As a former student, I am also a passionate advocate and affiliate of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course. I whole-heartedly believe in this course and the community of like-minded, wonderful humans the academy attracts. It truly is a one-of-a-kind training experience.

If the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is calling to you, I would love to support you on your journey to becoming a Beautiful You Life Coach.

As an affiliate I receive a commission when you choose to sign up to the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course through my referral. In return, my thank you gift to you is my 3 Month Full Bloom Coaching Journey free of charge (normally valued at $1,188). The details of how you can do this are outlined below.

As I am a certified coach this coaching experience can also be counted towards meeting the requirements to become a fully Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

Ready to get started?


To receive this affiliate gift you simply need to enter my full name ‘Jess Bartholomew’ in the ‘CODE’ section (pictured right) while completing your Beautiful You Life Coaching enrolment form HERE.

I’m so excited for this journey you’re about to embark on.
Becoming a life coach will undoubtedly transform your life and the lives of your future clients in the most wonderful way.


If you’d love to know more about my Beautiful You experience, the course, or my affiliate gift, let’s chat! Email me at hello(at)botanicalsoul(dot)co to book a complimentary clarity call.


A couple of important notes:
  • If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage – please see above graphic), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!
  • The above step is necessary to claim your affiliate gift of free coaching with me.
  • You’re able to claim your affiliate gift once the refund period for the Beautiful You course you’re enrolled in has ended. This is to ensure you are still enrolled as trainee with the Academy.
  • You affiliate gift must be claimed within 90 days after completion of your Beautiful You Coaching Academy course, after which time it will become void.
  • Please reach out to me if you sign up using my name, that way we can schedule in your sessions.
  • As mentioned above I receive a commission when you choose to sign up through my referral, this allows me to offer my incredible affiliate gift to you. Rest assured that I only recommend products I 100% believe in and can vouch for through personal experience. I frequently recommended this course to others before I became an affiliate.
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