Flower Essence Therapy


Allow the healing quality of flowers to support your journey towards emotional balance and inner transformation.

Flower essences are gently transformative plant-based remedies that support mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Each flower contains a unique resonance that has the ability to shift and transform our energy when used with intention for healing purposes.

Seeking to address the underlying imbalances that create discomfort and suffering, flower essences help us realign with our own essence and true nature. Through their support it is possible to awaken a state of inner harmony and balance with great ease.

While flower essence therapy can appear subtle in application, the affects are often profoundly life changing. In many cases, personal challenges and blocks that once caused problems, cease to exist or are viewed from a more positive perspective. Many clients comment on feeling a greater sense of inner peace and emotional freedom in their life after working with the essences.



Flower essences can support you in the following ways:


  • Support stress and anxiety relief, cultivating calmness and emotional resilience
  • Encourage emotional release and healthy forms of expression and communication
  • Support the process of letting go and release after loss
  • Improve moods and cultivate a positive outlook on life
  • Create greater confidence and trust in oneself
  • Increase intimacy and openness, restoring balance to sexual expression
  • Create a greater sense of love, acceptance and care for yourself and body
  • Create clarity around your purpose with a greater sense of direction in life
  • Improve interpersonal and interspecies relationships
  • Support intergenerational healing
  • Support trauma recovery on all levels



Working together


I believe your healing journey is an incredibly sacred path that you have the power to direct.

The flower essences and I support this journey, however ultimately the best results come from actively engaging in your own healing process. I act as a bridge between you and the flowers, connecting you with the medicine you require to activate your innate healing ability.

During our time together you can expect to be fully seen, heard and held in your experience. We’ll explore your current challenges and blocks, redirecting our energy towards the positive change you would like to experience in this area.

We’ll craft your unique healing intention, as well as simple daily practices to be used in conjunction with your personalised remedy. All of which will help you engage more fully in your own healing process to create powerful and lasting change.



Client Love

“Jess has such a beautiful, caring, compassionate heart and it really comes across in her consultations. Even with such compassion, she communicates truthfully and clearly as well. She has softness in her strength and strength in her softness. She opened my eyes to some big areas in my life I needed to re-evaluate and the intention she put into the medicine resulted in all the right ways. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Lauren Cuthbert

“Thank you so much Jess! The essences opened up the doorway to a whole new period of growth and exploration for me… the shifts were subtle at first, but looking back I can see they were the catalyst for all of the massive growth that has occurred for me in the last few weeks since we spoke. Subtle shifts over time = massive results!!”

Jae Schaefer

“The whole experience, including the session with Jess and month of taking the remedy, was so supportive, nourishing and healing. I came seeking support for anxiety, emotionality and self-care, and experienced all of this and so much more with the remedy Jess provided. The flower essences helped me to become so much kinder and loving toward myself, to reduce anxiety, and feel safer in my body. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift!”

Alana Campbell

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Flower Essence Consultations


Each flower essence consultation includes:
  • 1 x 60 minute session in person, online or via phone
  • 1 x personalised flower essence remedy to support your healing
  • 2 x follow up emails after our session
  • Supportive daily practices to potentise your experience


Investment: $120 AUD*



Interested in a deeper experience?


3 Month Journey


For 3 consecutive months we’ll journey together with the flower essences. Each month we’ll focus on a specific challenge or area in your life that you want to transform. Either focusing on three different healing areas, or building one on top of the other to explore difficult challenges more deeply.

You’ll receive a monthly flower essence session (inclusions above). In addition you’ll have access to unlimited email support during our time together, in which you can ask questions, share any personal shifts or changes you’re experiencing, and receive further support and guidance on your healing journey.


Investment: $320 AUD*


*Please note an additional cost of $10 per remedy will be added to phone/online sessions to cover postage of your flower essence remedy.



Are the flowers calling you?

Book a complimentary clarity call and let’s chat! These calls are the perfect opportunity for us to get clear on your desires, discuss suitable options, and see if we’re a good fit for working together.

To find out more about how flower essences can personally support you, or to book a complimentary clarity call, get in touch via the contact page.


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